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Our wines and our Wine House are terroir-predetermined, they are predestined by the vineyard’s Soul, vom Terroir geprägt…

Terroir wines are a result of fine, full of subtleties interaction of nature and man, and they are not just excellent, they are absolutely authentic and true, to say it differently: each of them is the one of its kind!

Thus, the “terroir” term is not only “vineyard’s location”, we’re speaking about numerous individual factors, including the wine-maker’s hand and his/her profound understanding of this plot of land. Terroir wines have unique inherent characteristics, defined by the aggregate natural and socio-cultural factors of a certain area.

Terroir is the Soul…

We invite you to taste the irreplicable Riesling which like no other grape variety, reflects the special mild climate of the Schwarzwald foothills, unique porphyry and granite soils in the legendary Stich den Buben, and unrepeatable wine-maker’s hand taking care of each grapevine in the play of tastes and fine flavours.

Our premium wines born because of the individual character of the terroir, our daily involvement in the process and exclusively manual grape-picking, are an excellent addition to the best moments of your life at any time of the year.

Light, elegant, irreplicable…

Riesling Trocken Edition 2018 Spätlese AWC VIENNA 2019 Silver (88,6)
Riesling Halbtrocken Edition 2018 Spätlese AWC VIENNA 2019 Silver (89,6)
Riesling Lieblich Edition 2018 Spätlese best of riesling 2019
89,0 Points
Silver (87,3)
Riesling 2017 Qualitätswein trocken best of riesling 2018
85,0 Points
Seal of Approval (86,7)
Pinot blanc 2017 Qualitätswein trocken MUNDUS VINI 2018
Silver (88,5)
Rosé (Pinot noir) 2017 Qualitätswein AWC VIENNA 2018 Seal of Approval (86,7)
Cuvée Baden Purpur 2016 Qualitätswein trocken AWC VIENNA 2018 Silver (89,3)
Riesling Premier Edition 2016 Qualitätswein AWC VIENNA 2017 Silver (89,6)
Riesling KernTradition 2016 Kabinett trocken best of riesling 2017
87,0 Points
Silver (87,0)
Crémant d’Alsace BRUT BIO AWC VIENNA 2018 Silver (87,7)