Wine is one of the oldest beverages created by mankind; it has not just accompanied the historical development of civilizations but also actively assisted creation and harmonious progress. Wine charms us, it’s our passion. Our relationship with vineyards, our favourite grapevines and wine are strong and truly personal. That’s our Life, Business and Happiness.

When in 2015 we bought a vineyard in the legendary Stich den Buben (Baden-Baden), we were absolutely sure that we have a long, thorny path in front of us… But time flied quickly: fundamental training in vine growing and wine making, daily involvement and enthusiasm every day, sharing the experience, intuition and insights… Every day was filled to the brim with wine-making worries and events.

Our sincere efforts were a success: we are very happy to present you our terroir wines. This premier means creation of a new world for us, the very existence and magnificence of which are terroir-predestined.

For us, wine means harmony with nature and feelings, thoughts and deeds… Reflecting in a glass it promises delight and relaxation. Wine is the best symbol of Baden lifestyle, indulged by the sun and serenity.

From the bottom of the heart we invite you to share this premier with us: familiarize yourselves with our world, taste terroir wines, feel and learn how quartz-porphyry sparkles in a glass!