In order to speak about terroir wines, first, let’s explain some terms. What are the “terroir”, “vineyard’s location” and “terroir wines”? And how much is this knowledge important for those who love wine?

Terroir is a French word in the way it sounds and in its spirit, it has no direct equivalent in many languages, including English. It entered many world languages unchanged, describing a complex combination of multi-faceted factors by one term. We‘re speaking about fine coordination, mutual penetration and influence of such natural conditions as climate, weather, wind rose, geology, hydrology, landscape, soil, the lay of land, special slope features on one hand, and socio-cultural factors, determined by human activities, including special features of grape cultivation, planting density, harvest volumes and subtle details of wine-making in a certain place on the other hand.

As for the “vineyard’s location” (Lage in German, Cru in French), at present it is connected with a certain section of the wine-making area having a historical, officially recognized name and entered into respective state documents, and that allows to unambiguously confirm the control over the wine’s authentic origin (German: g.U.- Wein mit geschützter Ursprungsangabe, French: AOC – appellation d’origine contrôlée) and to be sure of its authenticity.

The “vineyard’s location” term gives an idea of geographical and geological aspects, climate’s impact (temperatures, number of sunny hours per annum, distribution of rainfalls), vineyard’s positioning in relation to the Sun (direction, sloping angle), soil type.

Thus, the “terroir” term is not only “vineyard’s location”, we’re speaking about numerous individual factors, including the wine-maker’s hand and his/her profound understanding of this plot of land. Terroir wines have unique inherent characteristics, defined by the aggregate natural and socio-cultural factors of a certain area.

Terroir wines are a result of fine, full of subtleties, interaction of nature and man, and they are not just excellent, they are absolutely authentic and true. To say it differently: each of them is the one of its kind!

Summing up the above and bringing to a simple and clear formula, one can say that Terroir = the One of its kind, which is especially valuable in today’s globalized world. Terroir is the Soul…

Speaking about our vineyard, it’s absolutely impossible not to draw attention to the legendary Stich den Buben, you’ll find the details in the Legendary Origin section.

Terroir has a key impact on all the component parts, it is the basis and it determines the future, the true and the earthly, our wines and our Wine House are terroir-predetermined, they are predestined by the vineyard’s Soul, vom Terroir geprägt…