Wine Country (Rebland)

Wine House Tischner (Weinhaus Tischner) is located in the romantic wine country in the southern part of Baden-Baden (Baden-Badener Rebland). You’ll ask: what does it mean?

The wine country is Baden-Baden terrace to which the sun sends generous gifts, it has unique special resort features. The town of Baden-Baden in located in Ortenau – the heart of the Baden wine-making region. Mild climate, special local landscape, mysterious Schwarzwald, vineyards till the horizon, cozy villages, the extinct Yburg volcano, surrounded by infinite vineyards and magnificent forest, – all that together makes the magic triangle combining wine-making villages of Varnhalt, Steinbach, Umweg and Neuweier into one Baden-Baden wine country.

The irreplicable terroir, recreation, delight and undisturbed serenity in close unity with nature – and all of that in just a 5-minute drive from vibrant, lively Baden-Baden that has preserved the Belle Époque style.

Since Roman times people here have been engaged in wine-making. Stich den Buben is one of the special historical vineyards. We’ll cover it in detail in the Legendary Origin section.

The wine country, our native Rebland, is just an ideal place for life and comfortable recreation.
We recommend it 🙂