Legendary Origin

The old legend takes us back to the 15th century and originates in 1474, when Margrave Karl von Baden enfeoffed 30 ares of vineyards by the city of Baden-Baden to his outstanding cook Hans Stichden-Buben. Today special wine-making region Stich den Buben is located here.

And today, having a walk at the foot of the Yburg volcano, we feel the historical wine veil and understand how deeply the socio-cultural importance of wine-making is rooted in the romantic wine country located in the southern part of Baden-Baden (Baden-Badener Rebland). The holidays and workdays are connected exclusively with it.

Over many centuries, residents of Germany selected places for location of their vineyards with due diligence and care. Our ancestors carefully analyzed the same factors we’re analyzing and relied on their own abilities, their tireless work. Developing traditions, we have a strong basis to rely on.

The legendary Stich den Buben where our Riesling feels great, is characterized by mild climate, slopes oriented to the south-west – soaking in the maximum sunlight. Warmth-keeping, solid and absolutely unique porphyry and granite soils are added to that, creating the optimum combination. All this is ideal prerequisite for making worthy terroir wines.
Steep, prominent slopes ensure the optimal insolation, i.e. vineyard’s irradiation by sun rays, at the same time require special care and manual cultivation technologies, are prominently reflected in the glass of royal drink.

Names and myths, deeds and facts, the terroir and traditional wine-making art fully confirm the succession of generations and historical permanence, they are passed over in the form of fruitiness and elegant lightness of “Stich den Buben” Riesling.

The reputation of the one of its kind and keeping true to traditions has a great impact on our Business and our mindset. Our wines are terroir-predetermined, they are predestined by the vineyard’s Soul…