The town of Baden-Baden is located at the foot of the Schwarzwald, in the very heart of Ortenau region, in the state of Baden, close to the Rhine, practically on the German-French border. The unique geographical location has become the guarantee of the key role the town played on the world arena.

It’s splendidly veiled in history: in the 19th century Baden-Baden was the summer capital of Europe, the pillars of society flocked to this Schwarzwald gem. During summer season the town attracted the high and mighty, noblemen, bourgeoisie, outstanding writers and artists. And the town has not lost its refined charm till now.

Plunge into the living past and allow yourself to ride in gently rolling coaches, the tempo of which is felt in the Palace of Festivals (Festspielhaus), in Kurhaus, Casino, theatre or hippodrome (Iffezheimer Galopprennbahn). And then we’re gently, leisurely fashion, are sucked in by the joyful, bright, tranquil mood that is elegantly emphasized by light wines.

The famous Caracalla Therme, the Modern Art Museum (Frieder Burda Museum), the Picture Gallery (Kunsthalle), Friedrichsbad, Philharmonic Society (Philharmonie), star-worthy restaurants, concerts, events: it’s not difficult to notice that there is always a reason to visit Baden-Baden again and again, to enjoy local cuisine and terroir wines. Many wonderful places are located in direct vicinity from Baden-Baden: unique Natural Park of the Northern Schwarzwald (Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord), Open-Air Museum (Freilichtmuseen), authentic Alsace (Elsaß), multi-faceted Strassburg, cozy Wissembourg…
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